NBTE launches ”Top-Up” programme for HND holders to earn degree


The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has introduced two innovative online platforms aimed at advancing the academic prospects of Higher National Diploma (HND) holders and streamlining their access to higher degrees.

The first portal facilitates a one-year online “Top-Up” program in collaboration with foreign accredited universities.

The organisation announced that this initiative would enable individuals with HND qualifications to work towards obtaining Bachelor’s Degrees, which would help them to overcome the persistent issue of advancement for such individuals.

The board explained that the difficulty in gaining recognition for HND holders has endured over time, and previous efforts to create a two-year Master of Technology program for them encountered difficulties.

It said: “HND holders often had to undertake a one-year Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) before gaining admission to Master’s programs in universities. Unfortunately, the PGD route led to ongoing issues, as even those holding doctorate degrees were required to produce their original first-degree certificates.

“To tackle these issues head-on, NBTE has launched the Top-Up program portal accessible at https://topup.nbte.gov.ng.”

Furthermore, they said that this pathway not only facilitates seamless progression but also aims to eliminate unnecessary challenges that HND holders have faced.

The second portal addresses another significant concern among Polytechnic HND graduates—National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilisation.

NBTE explains that many graduates find themselves unable to participate in NYSC due to admission into non-accredited programs.

To address this, the organisation has introduced a HND admission portal to be used by all polytechnics.

The portal would only display accredited programs, ensuring transparency and accountability in admissions while guaranteeing NYSC’s access to vital information for mobilization purposes.

By introducing these platforms, NBTE strives to create a more equitable and streamlined educational pathway for HND holders, bolstering their academic and professional growth.

These initiatives not only empower individuals but also enhance the standing of the polytechnic system in Nigeria’s educational landscape.

Furthermore, the board appealed to the president to endorse the bill that eliminates the HND-BSc dichotomy in the public service.

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