Respect marriage contract, Koguna Borgu advises couples

The Conservator General of the National Park Service, Nigeria, Dr. Ibrahim Musa Goni, said  beyond pomp and pageantry of a wedding ceremony, young couples must work hard to achieve long-lasting marriages which depend on the choice of imbibing three cardinal principles in the fabrics of their homes.

Dr. Goni gave the advice over the weekend while speaking to journalists shortly after the wedding Fatiah of his son Faruq Ibrahim Goni and bride, Aisha in Agwara, headquarters of Agwara Local Government Area of Niger State.

Highlighting the first of the three principles, Dr. Goni said couples should learn to leave by the agreement that is embedded in the marriage contract, adding that, “They should respect the rights of each other,” in order to achieve harmonious coexistence. 

Dr. Goni, who holds the traditional title of Koguna Borgu, said no marriage is sustainable without fear of Almighty God, advising that couples, “should learn to obey the laws of Allah,” in conducting marital and other affairs as second principle.     

The third cardinal principle for a lasting marriage, Koguna Borgu said, is the dedication to prayers and helping the needy among the family members and in the society at large, noting that prayers will protect couples from all evils that could threaten their peaceful homes.

The wedding Fatiah was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life including senior officers of the National Park Service and heads of Unit Parks, representatives of security agencies and military, heads of parastatal, Local government chairmen, politicians, traditional rulers, media executives among others.   

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