Saudi Arabia announces dates for Hajj, Eid

Following the sight of Dhul Hijjah crescent on Sunday, Saudi Arabia has announced June 26 as the day of Arafat, Hajj pilgrimage 2023.

Consequently, the Islamic authorities said Eid Al Adha will hold two days later in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

The crescent heralds the start of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th and final month in the Islamic calendar, was sighted.

It means Dhul Hijjah will begin on Monday, allowing for the start dates of both Hajj – which falls on the eighth day of the month – and Eid Al Adha, which commences on its tenth day, to be determined.

Hajj will begin on Monday, June 26, followed by Arafat Day the following day, with Eid Al Adha celebrations beginning on Wednesday, June 28.

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court had called on Muslims in the Kingdom to sight the crescent moon on Sunday evening. An official committee was set up to sight the moon at sunset.

The entire month of Dhu Al Hijja is holy, with a series of days important to the Muslim faith.

Dhu Al Hijja is considered one of the four sacred months for Muslims, called Al Ash-hur Al Hurom.

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