The solutions to environmental pollution in Kano

By Dahiru Muhammad Hashim 

On this World Environmental Day, celebrated every year on 5th June as set aside by the United Nations, let us acknowledge our vital role as humans in safeguarding and preserving the environment for the well-being of all lives on the planet earth.

In Kano, we are witnessing the direct consequences of climate change. Rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns, and increased frequency of extreme weather events like heavy downpours are becoming more evident. 

Heat waves are intensifying, and recent weather-related incidents have exposed our vulnerability to the risks posed by climate change.

Over the years, previous governments in Kano have shown a concerning level of neglect, making the work of organizations like ours even more challenging. 

Despite the obstacles, we, at Panacea Foundation, have been actively engaging in awareness campaigns throughout the state. We aim to instill environmental consciousness among the people.

Through our efforts, we have come to recognize the importance of collective action. As inhabitants of this planet, all of us must understand the significance of our surroundings and take proactive steps to protect them. 

Awareness alone is not sufficient; we must also spread the message to others, emphasizing the need for respect and concern for the Earth and all it provides us.

Today, we stand in solidarity with Governor Engr Abba Kabir Yusuf, ready to collaborate and make a meaningful difference. Let us unite and strive towards making Kano not only a remarkable place for ourselves but also for future generations. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for our beloved city.

Dr. Dahiru Muhammad Hashim is a medical doctor and environmentalist with a bias for advocating against global climate change. He writes from Kano.

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