Why entry-level employees crucial to sustainable Takaful operation

By Mudathir Adesanya

As the Takaful industry expands steadily, it is increasingly important for the operators to create more entry-level job titles; who are the future managers. These positions would not only contribute to the operational efficiency of Takaful companies but also provide opportunities for aspiring professionals seeking a career in the Islamic finance sector.

Currently, a majority of job openings in the Takaful industry are primarily for mid-level and senior roles, such as Takaful managers and Shariah advisors. While these positions are essential for strategic decision-making and overseeing overall operations, there is a need for more entry-level job titles to support the day-to-day functioning of the companies.

By introducing entry-level job titles, Takaful operators could create a structured career progression path for individuals interested in the industry. This will attract fresh talent and ensure a sustainable talent pool for the future. These entry-level roles can encompass a wide range of functions, including customer service representatives, claims processors, underwriting assistants, marketing associates, and administrative support staff.

Having dedicated entry-level positions allows Takaful operators to efficiently allocate resources and delegate responsibilities. This ensures that the operational aspects of the business are adequately covered, enabling mid-level and senior professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth.

Moreover, creating entry-level job titles within Takaful organizations provides an opportunity to train and develop young professionals. These positions can serve as stepping stones for individuals to gain industry-specific knowledge and skills, fostering their growth within the organization and the broader Islamic finance sector.

To effectively implement these entry-level positions, Takaful operators should establish robust training programs and mentorship opportunities. These initiatives will enable new employees to understand the principles of Takaful, learn about industry regulations, and acquire the necessary technical skills to excel in their roles.

The creation of more entry-level job titles within Takaful companies is crucial for operational coverage and talent development.

By diversifying their workforce and providing career opportunities for aspiring professionals, Takaful operators can enhance efficiency, attract new talent, and contribute to the long-term growth of the industry. It is imperative for Takaful companies to proactively embrace these changes and invest in developing a strong and inclusive workforce that can meet the evolving needs of the Islamic finance sector.

Mudathir Adesanya is a Kano based Islamic finance commentator and promoter.

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